Balance is key to performance

A rider in balance is key to better riding performance, healthier riders and greater welfare for horses. RIB offers research-based knowledge, education, and training to all rider and trainers.
Become a Rider In Balance!

RIB Training Concept

The RIB Concept is developed in collaboration with some of the world’s best researchers, veterinarians, trainers and riders. The Concept follows 3 unique steps to become a rider in balance.

Step 1: Learn to analyze body position

With the research-based tools and the knowledge in the RIB Concept, you will learn to analyze riders body position and find the potential for individual improvement.

Step 2: Optimize position and develop body control

Next, the rider begins refining their technique by addressing individual errors, enhancing both their position, body control, and overall awareness.

Step 3: Improve coordination
and riding technique

The improved knowledge is put into practice while riding. Improved coordination and riding technique will contribute to better performance, health, and horse welfare.

Become a rider in balance!

The RIB Concept consist of several tools and products
to learn to analyze and optimize body position, develop
body control, improve coordination and riding technique.
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RIB Academy – All you need to improve your balance.
RIB Courses – Education for riders, trainers and veterinarians.
RIB Shop – Products to improve your balance.
RIB Webinars – Short courses on various subjects.