Privacy Policy

Our Privacy policy

It includes data collected when using the RiB Academy platform and the website or mobile application. It also describes how your data is used and protected. Rider in Balance AS will not share, sell, disseminate or otherwise disclose personal information about you in any way other than as stated in this privacy statement, without first obtaining your consent. We collect basic information necessary to enter into and administer our agreement with you; your home address, your email address, age and gender, as well as payment information. We need the personal information to provide customer service and handle any requirements, as well as to adapt the products and our platform.

We use your information to customize our platforms so that you get the best possible user experience and to personalize our products and services for you. We also use the information to compile statistics and map trends to improve and further develop our courses. We also want to facilitate that you can give us your feedback, as well as to prevent fraud and abuse of our website and of your personal subscription.

Our marketing takes place by e-mail, through advertising and communication on the website or through communication on online channels (social media and other websites / applications). We will send you information about relevant offers, events, news and special products. The marketing can be adapted to your marketing preferences and our assumptions about your interests, based on basic information and course history.


Rider in Balance AS websites use cookies to improve the user experience and collect information about usage patterns and interests.