- by development of technical riding skills


– by development of technical riding skills

A focus on improving horse-rider performance by improving rider balance is getting more and more interest across the equestrian world. The main goal of our system is to make the horse and rider become one unit. This is the never-ending search for optimal timing and harmony between two individuals, like two dancers moving like one. Our system has been scientifically tested and is evolving further with generous grant support from the Ulla Håkanson Foundation (see ”Research”).

Optimal horse-rider communication

For optimal horse-rider communication, high-levels of technical riding-skills are needed which requires both self-coordination of the rider and coordination with the body of the horse. It is generally agreed that good riders should be highly symmetric and must continue to develop symmetry in themselves and their horses for optimal performance in riding. On the other hand, asymmetry in riders is recognized as a negative trait in relation to health risk for both horse and rider. Symmetry is one out of many important technical skills necessary for a good rider. But to improve the technical skills needed for high-level performance, the rider must develop own body-control, balance and rhythmical qualities.

Rider posture and body awareness

We are focusing on developing these technical qualities in riders by individual training both unmounted and mounted. We teach riders at all levels including internationally, how to understand their own individual movement patterns, and help them adjust old habits that have been limiting their and their horse’s performance.

By gradually fine-tuning their body’s response their interaction with the horse and horse-rider harmony is visibly improved and with that performance. The system is not a quick-fix solution, but offers any new student new insights and understanding. Follow-up training will then produce lasting results.