About us


- by development of technical riding skills

Meet our team!

Lars Roepstorff (DVM, Prof.)

Research and technology development

Ingeborg R. Simensen

Office management

Håvard Engell

Technical performance developer

What we do

We are focusing on developing these technical qualities in riders by individual training both unmounted and mounted. We teach riders at all levels including internationally, how to understand their own individual movement patterns, and help them adjust old habits that have been limiting their and their horse’s performance.

Our goals and mission

We provide quality training for horses and riders, helping riders achieve their goals, and promoting the sport of equestrianism. Our vision is to become a leading equestrian training center, to provide a safe and supportive environment for riders of all levels, or to make a positive impact on the community. We want to help riders perfect their technique and horse riding in every way possible.