Maria Terese Engell (DVM, Ph.D)

In 2008, Maria Terese Engell graduated from the Szent Istvan University of Budapest, fulfilling her dream of becoming an equine veterinarian.

She nourishes a deep and lifelong love for horses, their health and wellbeing and runs her own equine practice, Kalnæset Equine Clinic.

Lars Roepstorff (DVM, Prof.)

Lars Roepstorff has been an important mentor for Maria Terese Engell through her PhD Research, and he officially became a partner in the RIB team from 2019.

His main responsibilities in RIB will be research and technology development. Lars grew up with horses. 

Ingeborg R Simensen

Ingeborg joined RIB in 2018, and she is taking responsibility for all running operations and projects.
She handles communications and marketing, planning and production, distribution and office management.

Ingeborg has been working for the Norwegian Equestrian Federation.

Håvard Engell

Håvard Engell gained a unique and practical understanding of human motor control and the body’s sensory system, during his career as a dancer. 

He further developed this passion by studying for five years at The Norwegian University of Sports and Science, and later as a coach at the OSC in Oslo.