RIB Module Course

RiB provides comprehensive module courses tailored for riders and trainers, enabling you to seamlessly integrate the RIB concept into your daily routine and enhance your knowledge about biomechanics in both horses and riders. It’s an ideal opportunity to further develop yourself as a rider and trainer based on research based information given by highly skilled instructors.

Join us for the upcoming Module 1 Course on September 21-22 2023, and embark on your journey to enhance your skills and knowledge in the world of RIB.

Rib academy

RiB Academy stands as a comprehensive educational platform, boasting an extensive library of hundreds of videos, multiple courses and training sessions, alongside regular research updates encompassing all aspects of horse and rider performance and welfare. Our platform is accessible in both Norwegian and Swedish, ensuring accessibility for a broader audience.



RiB offers clinics, webinars and physical traning for riders at all levels. 
We also educate RIB Trainers through our modulebased courses with Maria Terese Engell at Finnskogen, 
Norway (course language: Norwegian)
Next Module 1 course:  21-22 September