Balance is key to perfromance

Become a rider in balance!

Perfect balance is key to better riding performance, healthier athletes, and greater welfare of horses. Learn to analyze body position, improve balance, and develop riding technique.

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RIB Courses

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Courses 2024:

23.02 – RIB Applied Day
18.03-19.03 – RIB Performance Basic
29.04-30.04 – RIB Veterinary Basic
13.05 – RIB Theoretical Science
14.05 – RIB Riding School
27.05- RIB Show Jumping
28.05 – RIB Dressage
August – RIB Grand Prix Dressage

Products to improve your balance

Balanced riding starts with
balanced walking

A perfect position starts with a
balanced foot

All you need to improve balance, technical skill and performance.